pondelok 30. augusta 2010

Inception #2

Okay... I've seen the movie already. Despite the fact that the movie was thrilling actors were really good, the plot was bit aaa well basically it was one mission... like mission impossible or something among those lines...All in all it was really interesting movie. But I don't like what people made of it. Coz everyone is like that movie was so deep, mind blowing, what the fuck is reality and etc <_> ... The whole point was in the end where they asked us what is reality... They could also just ask this question, but I think they wouldn't get rich from it. So accept the whole story as some foreplay leading to this question... but judging the movie as mind blowing coz they asked us one question that made us think like yea what is actually reality?.... ..... .... .... and that's all I highly doubt anyone came to any interesting conclusion. No one did. This question is here for ages. If the movie was about solving the question that would be mind blowing, but just pointing out again this question... What I'm trying to say is that yes this movie made most of people to think about their lives maybe for the first time and yes he deserves big applause for that, but after few minutes of thinking about it everybody quited and went outside saying that it was very deep movie... Well I wonder if anyone gets what I'm trying to say... Bye bee for now ^^


So guys I'm going to see this movie when I come back I will put my opinion on! c ya soon:D

FF 13

Hi guys I'm just playing final fantasy with my bro, so I was interested what are your opinions about this game! Just let me know in comments!

nedeľa 29. augusta 2010

To all my followers xD

Leave me comments with links so I can follow you coz I can't do it without it :D also if anyone know how to do it without leaving comment just let me know. I'm still learning so any help would be appreciated ^^ Thx a lot

I have this weird fetish about eyes... I love them!


Hi guys xD so I said I'm new to this and you would probably be laughing how stupid am I when it gets to things like this, I just want to say I'm really trying to understand things and hopefully I will be able to do something cool on this blog right now I'm thinking about putting here random wallpapers I like... just let me know it's okay or not :D